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We understand the challenges that independent providers face every day.  Due to the reduction of insurance reimbursements, the practitioner is getting less time to spend with their patients. Making matters worse, reimbursements are moving towards value-based care and patient traffic is down due to a greater competition which is adding increased pressure to the practitioner’s ability to earn a living.

That’s where ReShapeCompanies can help.  We partner with primary care physicians, health clubs and insurers to create a continuum of health, utilizing exercise and nutrition as vital components to staying healthy. Our staff meets with patients to not only focus on the traditional topics usually discussed at a doctor’s office but also to discuss diet and exercise. At ReShapeCompanies, we are committed to taking a comprehensive approach to staying well.

Our novel, diverse solutions enable providers to focus on the art of Medicine while increasing revenue. This is accomplished through our partnerships with the health club, other medical providers in the community, and new programs that will provide additional streams of revenue.

We are dedicated to securing the future of independent providers.
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